Trouble with the URL of Create a New Case from a Contact showed in Agent Desktop

Jul 6, 2010 at 6:39 PM

Hi I have installed successfully the CCA and UII. Now I am learning how to create Workflows and make functionality there.
I was trying to Search a Contact and when the contact is opened, it opens a window in the agent Desktop with the information of the contact. Then, there is a workflow that permits create a new Case for the contact.

I created the Hosted Application for Case with the next information:

Name: case
Hosted Application Type: Web  Hosted Application
Dependent on Workflow: YES
Adapter:  Use Automation Adapter (HAT)
URL: about:blank


And I modified the Default UII Action like this:

URL: http://localhost:5555/CRMR2FULL/cs/cases/edit.aspx
Query String: _CreateFromType=2&_CreateFromId=%7b%CustomerID%7d#

I was looking for the correct URL so I use Ctrl+N to get the URL of the New Case(with the Customer ID) Window, and normally in CRM the URL is this:
The customer ID of the example's contact is C9B62B11-7D6A-DF11-8B9B-00155D018007

But when I open the Agent Desktop , search a contact and then Run the workflow that creates the case, an error appears:

APPLICATION_HOST_ERR_ON_APP_INIT: Failed to initialize the hosted application Case.

And the Case Hosted Application is a white window.

So I read that the '%' in '%customerID' is a hint to UII that the next string is a Context Key. So I saw that the Query String has other two '%' in the Query, so it can be the problem.. Or if the %customerID gets the ID between '{ }', also could trouble the application...
If you know how... Can you help me to ignore the '{ }' or to solve this problem please. Thank you very much :)

Jul 6, 2010 at 10:29 PM

I got the solution:

The URL of the Default Action should be:

URL: http://localhost:5555/CRMR2FULL/cs/cases/edit.aspx

Query String: _CreateFromType=2&_CreateFromId=%CustomerID

And with this, the desired window is showed with the Customer Selected :)