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Hi All,
Im using CCA for MSCRM 2011. Im integrating with a specific CTI Plateform. I replace the CTI Toolbar of CCA with a specific one. I implement the callAlerting and the CallSecces of that Toolbar. I created a WebApplication and a workflow to open the customer form when he call.
In the callSucess Event Im trying fo lanch the dynamic application but the CCA return to me an error: (Application Host: APPLICATION_HOST_ERR_LOADING_DYNAMIC_APP_NO_SESSION_EXIST:Unable to load non-global dynamic application. No session has started.)
The CodeSource in the CallSucess Event:
bool success = true;
if (!uiiDesktop.AppExistsInUI("Crm Customer View"))
success = uiiDesktop.CreateDynamicApplication("Crm Customer View");
if (success)
uiiDesktop.SetFocusOnApplication("Crm Customer View");
RequestActionEventArgs args = new RequestActionEventArgs("Crm Customer View", "OpenCustomerForm", "");
Thanks for Help