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Creating Session performance issue


we have a performance issue related to creating and initializing a session in CCA / UII Desktop.
it takes about 8 seconds to initialize the session while the call is already started.
The following details the technical aspects:
There is a hosted control that implemented two interfaces "ICustomerSearch", and IContextManager.
The sequence of methods executed during the issue is like following:
  1. CustomerSearchResult event is raised.
  2. GenerateSessionName function is called.
  3. OnAddHostedApplicationToSession function is called ----- Class DesktopServices
  4. 6-7 seconds delay.
  5. SetContext function is called.
    noting that by investigating the web services calls to CRM, we found that total time for web services calls is 0.5 seconds, distributed among period of 2 seconds.
    another thing is noticed, the total number of hosted applications are 10, but if we disable some of them till we get only 5, the session loads in only 2 seconds.