Refresh Agent Desktops

Apr 8, 2014 at 11:25 AM
Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to refresh Agent Desktops in case of a maintenance activity. For example if there are 2000 users accessing Agent Desktop in a call center and there is a critical issue that requires user to close their Agent desktops so that the changes can be published what would be the best way of doing it ?

We recently had a issue where the Agent desktop was calling a third party service which had a password change while user were connected to Agent Desktop and thus were unable to use some of the features hosted in Agent desktop. Since users were located in different cities, it was difficult to manage and inform to close the Agent desktop and launch again to function smoothly.

Is there any way to refresh Agent desktop ?

Thanks in advance for guidance/suggestions !!
May 6, 2014 at 4:41 PM
hi avaneeshjha,

i think restarting the AgentDesktop is the proper way to refresh the application.
When thinking about it on a high level you should be able to automate this using a combination of a webservice, a custom crm activitie/entity, a crm plugin and some clientcode.

custom activity/entity
  • create a custom activity/entity which is used to trigger, describe and protocol your restart process. You could add some info-fields to be displayed in the client (the reason for the restart) or some meta-information used to control the process itself ( e.g. restart immediately, time for user to save the session, only relevant for specific users/teams, whatever....)
  • implement a wcf duplex webservice which allows to push events to registered consumers
  • provide a method to trigger the event-push mechanism
  • implement a plugin and register it to the create of the activity/entity described above
  • call the event-push-method of your webservice
  • implement a mechanism which allows to perform a clean restart of the application (logging out of cti, guide the user to close the session ...) .
  • implement a component that subscribes your webservice and is able to execute the restart mechanism when the proper event is received
maybe you want the client to push some status informations back to the webservice or directly to the activity/entity which "initiated" the process (so you have the client behaviour reported in crm)

hope that helps