Error creating session from custom entity popup.

Dec 11, 2013 at 5:44 PM
Hi All

I have created set of code based on the code files related to CreateSessionFromQueue called CreateSessionFromDashboard. It works ok creating a session if I click to open a case record. If I try to open a home record everything works as it should except that the CRM Home tab is blank. The appropriate code section does run as I am able to set the context with some debug information. In the UII Debugger I notice the following error = > "AutomationAdapter (app=CRM Home,action=__AddDoActionEventTrigger__): Posted implicit action exception: Microsoft.Uii.HostedApplicationToolkit.DataDrivenAdapter.DataDrivenAdapterException: DDA0701: Event Identifier specified does not exists for registration."

Does anyone know what I might have missed, or have seen this error before?

Thanks Paul