what shall I do to let CCA can work with Avaya IP Office 500? like CCA work with the softphone.exe.

Sep 27, 2013 at 10:33 AM
Edited Sep 28, 2013 at 5:04 AM
Hi,everybody,I am new to CCA.
Can I get some helps from you? About CCA integrate with Avaya IP Office 500.
The problem is:When the telephone ring(linked to Avaya IP Office),the "Answer" button on AgentDesktop can not be enabled. The system show "UNABLE TO CONFIGURE PHONE" message.
I found that "GetDeviceName(int devId)" in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Uii\Quickstarts\CTI\TapiWrapper\TapiWrapper.cs" does not return any information related my Avaya IP Office.
But when I use the softphone which is available in the UII Framework folder to similate a call,the "Answer" button on AgentDesktop can be enabled,it works.

For Avaya IP Office 500,what steps I should do? I also don't know how to configure the value of "key="MachineName"" when work with Avaya IP Office 500. I appreciate that if you could share some experiences or documents with me.
Thank you!

Additional information:
There are two telephones conneted to Avaya IP Office 500.If one of them call the other,the phone will ring and they can be able to connected.
The Avaya IP Office 500's IP address is
One telephone's IP address is,the ext. number is 899.
The AgentDesktop PC's IP address is
Oct 23, 2013 at 7:42 PM
Hi aaron,

Sorry for the long delay.
I must honestly say that I decided long ago not to use the CTI implementation as supplied by CCA.
I had several reasons, which i must recall from memory:
-only support for 1 media (channel)
-limited interface based on simple call management
-complex implementation focussed on hosted control development.
-TAPI is not used in professional environments as far as I know. Avaya offers different API's like TSAPI or web based interfaces.

As I understand from your message you try to interfere with the Avaya softphone application through TAPI. I think there is a mismatch in TAPI configuration. I have never tested this approach with a) CCA demo softphone or b) avaya ip softphone through TAPI.

Please check the TAPI configuration and otherwise try to implement another media integration approach like we did:
build .net CTI client which communicates with Avaya AES server (cti server).
If you do it like this, you end up with a singleton component that can be used throughout the .net application (not limited to hosted controls).

I hope you already solved the issues. otherwise my help is probably limited because of different approaches.

Wim Leermakers
Oct 24, 2013 at 2:16 AM
hi leermwim,
I solved the issues,thanks for your reply.
Now my CCA program can communicate with Avaya IP Office 500.
The critical step I missed is "Configuring the TAPI Driver" in "ip-office-tapi-link-installation-guide-12a.pdf".