Update "My Notes" data into "description" of "Phone Call Activity" entity from UII Workflows

Mar 1, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Hi, I am trying to update the "My Notes" data into the "Description" field in "Phone Call Activity" entity through UII automation. These are opened during the session opens.

Here is the steps followed to achieve this:
  • Created "Phone Call Activity" hosted application with HAT, Workflow XML.
  • Actions created for updating the "PhoneCallActivity" entity through "UII Automations"
  • Created "UII Workflows" and "Steps" to call the "PhoneCallActivty" action for "Workflow Assembly" execution.
But when I tried to get the data from "My Notes" application from "Workflow XML", I am getting the value as ""(null). I could able to get the data of "PhoneCallActivity" entity's "Description" field value.

Could anyone give me the suggestion how to get the data from "My Notes" (Notepad)..

Thanks in advance.