How to get and set controls on an oracle forms 6i application?

Oct 21, 2012 at 12:12 AM
Edited Oct 21, 2012 at 12:19 AM


I have been trying to integrate an Oracle forms 6i application but I have had some issues trying to map the controls, the DDA I have been using for this task is the WinDDA with AccControl. The following issues have raised while doing it:

  • With WinDDA AccControl I was able to get the 3 input controls and 2 buttons (plus 3 more hidden input controls according to Spy++ there are 3 more but the 6 of them are showing as watermarked icons as i they were disabled controls), the issue is with the input controls the buttons works fine. With the test harness and the “find control” button there are no errors, I can set and get 3 of the 6 input controls but none of them are showing as filled inputs on the form, I tried setting the input controls and pressing the Connect button but the validation of missing values on fields is raising.
  • I did some test with Win32Api in order to get the controls and possibly extend the DDA; I was able to list and get the Handlers of them all with the EnumWindowEx method, but once again when I try to set and get the value on the controls nothing is showing on the form.
  • The inspection of the controls was done with Spy++ (included in VS2010) and with uiSpy, with Spy++ I verified that the controls listed with the EnumWindowEx and with the WinDDA where indeed the application controls I was looking for, as I said above on Spy++ the controls are showing as watermarked windows inside the form. On uiSpy just the focused control is showing on the app window’s tree once it lose the focus the control is marked with a red “X” icon as if it wasn’t in the tree anymore.

Could anyone give me a hint of how to get the Oracle forms 6i controls or lead me to any document where I can get some info on how to do it or what is going on with this application?.

Thanks in advance,