CCF 2008 to CCA

Aug 14, 2012 at 8:10 AM


Currently my client is using CCF 2008 since last 2 yrs and now they are planning to move to CRM and hence they want to migrate CCF 2008 application to CCA.

Does anyone have any idea on how easy it is to migrate CCF 2008 to CCA or from where we can start from to looking into it? Does we need to do a fresh start or can we use existing .net code of CCF 2008?


Rushi Sheth

Aug 16, 2012 at 7:23 PM

Hello Rushi,

I'm doing exactly that right now and I asked that same question 6 months ago to some of the folks from MS Consulting. As you might expect the answer from consulting is 'it depends', and of course it depends on how much custom code you have. I'll say you start fresh from the templates for Visual Studio 2010 that Matt provided and start re-doing everything you got before, some of the old code will work fine just by changing the namespaces, some of the code will need serious work. You want to re-do your automations to take advantage of WF 4, you want to find again your controls to take advantage of the new inspector. Most thing are very similar and works mostly the same but with new namespaces or with different mechanisms, specially the automations.


Aug 17, 2012 at 12:17 AM

The “easy” path is from CCF 2009 Sp1 QFE to UII\CCA.
That said, few of the high points…
From a structural perspective, your desktops are completely different..  In CCF 2009 sp1 we introduced the Desktop Shell API, which simplified the desktop design process.
Namespaces are now all Microsoft.Uii.xxxx based, vs Microsoft.Aif.xxxx
There are nurmors changes in the internals of the engines, which was the primary motivator for developing the Desktop Shell API. 
Winform Desktop shell ( while still supported ) is going to be depreciated in the future, We are encouraging all desktops built since CCA R1 ( that’s the version on CRM 4 ) to utilize WPF for the shell.
HAT automations will need to be rewritten / restructured due UII now running on .net 4.0.
Min supported requirements for the OS hosting the desktop are now Windows XP sp3, IE 8, and .net 4.0. 

To dtriana’s point,  
A good deal of your adapters, and Hosted controls can be reused with some modifications / updates.   The desktop though will need to be rewritten.   On the bright side of that,  desktop construction is very simple now.