Issues with Windows 7 and IE8

Aug 2, 2012 at 12:31 PM

Hi all,

This is actually a CCF question, but due to urgency on my current project, I'm hoping for the best :-)

At my current engagement we're using CCF 2009 SP1 QFE on windows XP with IE6. The customer is upgrading the call centers to Win7 and IE8, but during testing we have seen strange behavior when trying to run the Agent Desktop with a user account that is not the administrator:

- The application tab is fullscreen, but the browser window is very small (only for the non focused webapps, the last one displays fine)
- The automation adapter does not receive any DocumentCompleted or PageLoadComplete events (not even in the parent class - HostedWebApplication), so the default automation will never run
- When the Agent Desktop is closed, there are "ghost" instances of IE remaining active, even though there were no IE instances before starting the Agent Desktop.

When running the Agent Desktop with an Administrator account, there are no such issues. I checked the Micrsoft.Mshtml assembly, that should be fine (7.0.3300.0), and protected mode is off for the sites that I'm running for now. Also, the web apps are using a new browser process, otherwise the application tabs just remain empty. Also, the web pages are in the Trusted sites.

Has anyone come across this? Any thoughts, pointers, solutions?