Unable to Get Control Value inside IFrame using UII Inspector on IE7

Jul 11, 2012 at 4:34 AM


I have to retrieve the value of the control in CCA Hosted Application. The control is child control of IFrame which is inside a div. I am using IE7 and UII Inspector. But problem is when I try to inspect the Inspector is unable to go beyond IFrame. 

Is there any fix available for this issue ???? This problem is only on IE 7. It works fine on IE8.

 Below is the init string i am getting


  <homePage useNewProcess="False">http://.....</homePage>
  <hostOnTop />
      <Type>Microsoft.Uii.HostedApplicationToolkit.DataDrivenAdapter.WebDataDrivenAdapter, Microsoft.Uii.HostedApplicationToolkit.DataDrivenAdapter</Type>
        <HtmlElement name="HtmlElement" type="HtmlElement">


Sep 19, 2013 at 5:34 PM
We are stuck with similar issue in one of the Web Based application, and cannot read controls in below FrameSet Control.

<frameset onkeydown="rejectSpecialIEKeypresses()" oncontextmenu="cancelEvent()" rows=",0" cols="" border="5" frameBorder="yes" frameSpacing="0" onload="loadConnection()" onunload="panicLogoff()" onresize="resizeIFrame()" onbeforeunload="verifyWindowClose()">

Kindly suggest if there is any way to automate this.