Passing data parameters from workflow step to UII Action?

May 3, 2012 at 6:21 AM


What is the most appropriate way to pass data from a UII Workflow Step to its associated UII Action? Or is it even possible?

My scenario:
1) A custom WPF control that creates new CRM Incidents. The purpose of the control is to speed up the way call-center personell can log incidents and therefore only exposes a subset of the properties available to CRM Incident record (compared to those available in the CRM Web app).

2) A set of UII Workflows, for example ("Question about xx", "New order of product yy" etc.)

3) One step in each UII Workflow is to log the "incident". I want to pass parameters to the Incident control on what subject etc. to enter into the CRM Incident record, and the value of those parameters depends on what the UII Workflow was all about.

One possible solution (which I have tried and it works) is to define a UII Action for each desired combination of properties and let the WPF control parse the name of the action to then set the appropriate properties to the CRM Incident. This can be done by a Call Center admin after the application is deployed, but the drawback is that this is a three-step procedure (Define UII Action --> define the UII Step --> Add to workflow) and it is a bit error-prone since the admin must be aware of the naming conventions of the UII Action.

What I wonder is if there is a way to just create one UII Action for the Incident control (with a friendly name) and then let the Call Center admin set the parameter values in the UII Step (which then are passed as parameters to the control's DoAction implementation)? This would reduce the number of admin-steps needed to define a new parameter combination for a certain scenario.