Embed child window when sharing same process

Feb 7, 2012 at 10:13 AM


I'm evaluating CCA R2 (no experience in R1) . I have successfully installed and deployed the CCA  to CRM Online, and I'm currentliy testing a scenario that regards application hosting of an existing AX customization.

My scenario is as follows:

1) Agent user starts a new session, i.e. enters a new customer
2) At session startup, a couple of session dependent views shows up (customer details etc.)
3) Additionally, I would like to have another session-dependent view which is fetched from an external application (Dynamics AX 2009). This view can only be fetched while clicking on a button/hyperlink in the AX main window (which then shows window #2, non-modal). Once window #2 is shown I need to execute a few UI commands (filter by customer No etc.) on that window.

The AX implementation supports several instances of "type #2 windows" (i.e. possible to view different customers at the same time in different windows) using AX as a stand-alone app.

What I want is to:
1) Embed Window #2 in the session (which then is filtered by the CustomerID)
2) Re-use the already instantiated AX32 process
3) If possible, hide the main AX window.

I have succeeded to automate the startup of window #2 using the UII Inspector/HATTestHarness tool but haven't figured out how to accomplish the above.

Any ideas? All help/directions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Feb 28, 2012 at 1:51 PM

To do that, you would need to start AX from CCA, most likely as a global application. Then attach and navigate to the windows \ views you would like.  Depending on your hosting model, you could then embedded them into a hosting space on the UII Desktop. I’m away from my main machine with UII Installed right now, though if you look at the HAT Shapes you will find one that allows you to host an application into a hosted control.