CCA could be possible as Silverlight application

Jun 3, 2011 at 7:32 AM

I have a potential opportunity to use CCA (CRM 2011), but the requirement need the solution run under browser environment, do you think could be possible make the exercise to migrate agentdesktop to Silverlight application?

Jun 3, 2011 at 1:43 PM

Unfortunately no,
UII requires full access to the Windows OS API’s, Communications Stack and several other aspects of .net that require it to run as a native application..
Silverlight, due to its requirement of being cross platform, currently does not support this level of access to the system.

We do recommend that Desktop Development be done via WPF, which for all intents is SilverLights “big brother” on windows, WPF applications can be deployed via Click Once and deployed via a url link.

This allows you to give the impression of a browser based application, just as Silverlight and Adobe Flash do.