UD takes 18 to 20 seconds to load the main window

May 12, 2011 at 11:46 AM


I have developed an application using the sample code base of UII, this applications takes 18-20 seconds to load the main window.

The break down of the time consumption is as below :

@5 seconds to load the configured AifServices

@10 seconds to load the configured applications

Is there a way of improving the performance of this application?


May 12, 2011 at 3:25 PM

I need a bit more information on your config to say if there is something “wrong”…
What are your expectations?

What sort of machine are you running this on? VM , Hardware ? how much CPU / Memory

Which version of UII are you working with… R1 or R2 ( CRM 4 or CRM 2011 )

Is the CRM server hosted or on Premise

How many app’s are you trying to load into the global session.. and what are they? ( Browser pages? Apps? Or Java apps? )

Are you doing any SSO?

I’m not sure how you are coming to the numbers you’re stating… however…
There is an event stream from the DesktopService loading events that will give you a better idea of what UII is doing and when..

Note, that load times are also heavy dependent on the hosted apps load time itself. If its slowing down while loading apps, you will see that in the event stream coming from the loader.

All and all, the RI for CCA R2 takes about 15 seconds load on average hardware, so that’s “normal”. It’s also why we use a splash screen to give the user status on the load.


May 13, 2011 at 7:23 PM

Hi Mat,

I am running it on a VM with 1 GB of RAM, using UII R1 with MS CRM 4.0.

Trying to load @ 6 hosted applications in various panels, 4 of which are hosted controls and 2 are external hosted applications (windows),

I am reaching to the figures on the basis of logs.

The problem is on the customer premise the actual load time is @30 seconds without SSO and @45 odd seconds for SSO for 2 applications.


May 13, 2011 at 9:37 PM

Ok, so it sounds like your trouble shooting a deployed solution?

I’m going to try to give you some pointers here, each situation is a bit different. And troubleshooting your system may require a lot more knowledge of it then I think you can give me over a Message board :)

Your best results in troubleshooting this are going to be using like hardware and software configurations for the servers, clients and hosted applications, as there are a lot of environmental things that factor into performance.

Is this a WPF Desktop or a Winforms Desktop?  What is the client OS ( XP? What service pack? )

So a few fundamentals… UII is additive.. which means, as a general rule it’s not going to make app’s boot faster, or login any faster than they do normally.. it WILL speed up the data entry part, in that it will do all the Human steps for the user, faster than the user.. However is the app took 40secs to login before, it’s still going to take 40 seconds in UII.

Do you know what the load profile of the hosted applications is w/out UII? Or is just more noticeable in that UII is doing all the loading upfront for the user, while the user is looking at the splash screen?

As for UII itself, the boot cycle is split in to 3 phases.

1)      Initial Login to CRM

2)      Config Retrieval

3)      Global Session Start.


Initial login to CRM4 can take up to 20 seconds if the CRM server is “cold”.. Meaning that it’s just come up or has just been recently reset using IISReset. However once it’s up and being accessed, this should drop into the 10 second time frame or less for the initial login and less than 1 second for subsequent login requests.  

Config Retrieval is usually sub second… fast enough that you will only see it if your Tracing out the Load Process.

Global Session Start is dependent on the applications and hosted controls it loads.
Performance wise,
Hosted Controls load most quickly, dependent on the code that runs in the Initializers
Web applications tend to load next most quickly
Followed by Win32 apps.

For CRM 4 Perf and Perf Tuning, I Highly Recommend you read the CRM 4 Performance Guide : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=5852b14a-394c-4898-8374-caf5e6479eb0&displaylang=en